This Is How I Dance is Danielle Deckard's third EP since 2015, and her first studio recording of cover songs. It is an exciting exploration of fresh sounds and colours, and completely recorded in Danielle's apartment. Three songs from different artists and eras – Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, and Ryan Adams – are united by the central theme of dance. However, this EP is no mere four-to-the-floor club banger, rather it is a melancholic, raw, but ultimately hopeful clutch of pop songs.

The lead single, Danielle's cover of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" transforms the camp 1980s mega-hit into a groovy indie-pop remix. Whitney's outrageous vocals are dialled back and those wild 80s synth stabs are traded in for a mellow electric piano and distant vocoder. There are, however, echoes of the original – the iconic 808 drum machine remains, albeit subdued,  along with a nostalgic house piano.

The music video for "Dance With Somebody" was directed by Jefferton James and shot entirely on Danielle's apartment rooftop. It pairs Danielle with the dynamic choreography of Vanessa Marian, founder of the community-driven Australian dance school Groove Therapy. Vanessa's unique style, influenced by such eclectic genres as hip-hop, afrobeat, and Bharatanatyam (a form of classical Indian dance) is the perfect visual expression of this song's celebration of love and movement.

Taking a turn completely from the upbeat Houston cover, Danielle's version of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark" takes the driving stadium rock of the original plunging into the depths of lo-fi acoustica (almost as though the track was a cut from Nebraska, and not Born In The USA). Danielle's vocal and guitar are heard unedited – a complete, perfect take from top to bottom, subtly augmented with synthesisers and backing vocals.

Ryan Adam's cult hit "When The Stars Go Blue" brings the EP to a close. Thematically linked both in melancholy and lyric (the first line is "dancing where the stars go blue") this track introduces even more novel timbres to Danielle's already broad musical palette. A honky-tonk piano lays down the tune's chord progression – to be joined by a triumphant Polysix synth arpeggio, CR-78  and Korg Volca drum machines, Vox organ, and a vintage 1970s Microkorg synthesiser. The track concludes with the structured chaos of a Danielle choir layering three of the song's hooks – another personal best in musical complexity.


Danielle Deckard (lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards)
Paul Dougherty (electric bass, keyboards, synths, programming)
Samuel Marks (synths, percussion)

Mixed by Ben Wood
Mastered by John McCaig


Featuring Danielle Deckard and Vanessa Marian
Directed and edited by Jefferton James and Dimity Kennedy